you have a band but not (yet) a suitable rehearsal space?      

don’t worry, even the biggest artists around once had this problem. and we are definitely able to help. 

what we have in store 4 you is:


R O O M   1

space for rehearsal 8,5 x 5,5m, with sunlight

nice acoustic

professional pa system: mixing console Allen & Heath GL2800/40, 7 active monitors HK Audio D.A.R.T., 1 sub HK Audio Pro 18, equalizers, effects, etc..

all channels through stageblocs around

mics Shure SM58, notestands, microphonestands, stageblocs, cables,… yep, all there

keys / drums / percussion / guitar amps / bass amps / guitars

bar 4 x 4m, toilet next to

storage room upon availability 


parking a step away from the entrance

pc w/ big screen-wifi


clean, dry 



R O O M   2

space for rehearsal 6,5 x 6,5m, with sunlight

nice acoustic 

professional pa system : mixing console Allen & Heath GL2400/40, 6 active monitors HK Audio D.A.R.T, 1 sub HK Audio Pro, equalizers, effects, etc..

all channels through stageblocs around

mics Shure SM58, notestands, microphonestands, stageblocs, cables,… all there

drums / percussion / guitar amps / bass amps

storage room upon availability 

pc - wifi

toilet and shower next to

parking a step away from the entrance




* video caption of the rehearsal is possible, ask us about it. 

* 4 extremely simple, fast and easy live recordings of your rehearsal: Roland SPDS Cd writer




to check availabilities and/or make your reservation, please contact us through

email     the-mic (at)  

cell     +32 (0) 473 750 701


choose your date and time, make a reservation and that is it.  welcome!


rehearsals can be planned from Monday-Sunday, from 9am to 12pm.

usually we rent out the room from 9am to 1pm, from 1.30pm to 6.30pm and from 7pm to 12pm. 


the MIC offers discount prices for reservations of more than 1 bloc / day!

morning: € 35 / bloc

afternoon: € 35 / bloc

evening: € 35 / bloc

morning + afternoon: € 60

afternoon + evening: € 65

full day: € 95


engineer: € 50 / bloc





'open mic' format
mini tryout


we'd love to hear about your plans so do get in touch so we may be able to assist you.





Heather Nova, Zap Mama, Divinity Roxx, Sam Sparro, Grazzhoppa, Bent Van Looy, Lady Linn, Billie, Jasper Steverlinck, MC Pitcho, Derek, The Antler King, Flip Kowlier, Headphone, Dirk Blanchart, Mr. Lemming, Senne Guns, Zimmerman, Sir Yes Sir, Laura Tesoro, Billie, Tom Dice, Sandrine, King HIss, Bas Bulteel & Friends, Jim Cole, Elisa Waut, Eden, Lemon, Indian Cigars, S.W.A.N., Dogwalker, Tom Van Landuyt, Von Detta, Seventy 'n Orange, Smashing Birds, Spocks, The Heavenly Kings, Project P., Omerta, Rik Priem's Prime, Spinning Dolls, Nidduh, Pure Kult, Songs 4 the Deaf, Sonic Salvations, Mini Van, Exqueeze, Windkracht, Hermit, Luna Twist, Bughaloo Zoo, Skeemz, Venus in Flames, Thin Line Men, Void of Sadness, Xandee, Liliane St. Pierre, Belgian Quo Band, and a lot, lot more.

and are extremely happy to welcome a lot more too. CU



we can support your band’s tour or performance with a:


t o u r  manager


m r c h n d s r


m o n i t o r  m i x e r

m i x e r  FOH

b c k l n r

l i g h t m i x e r


if you would like to join our professional tour network, please send us your information and details by filling out the form below:




  • ► Absynthe Minded

    Bert Ostyn Sergej Van Bouwel Simon Segers Toon Vlerick Wouter Vlaeminck Initially a solo vehicle for lead vocalist Bert Ostyn, Belgian outfit Absynthe Minded later expanded to a quintet. Following 2003's debut EP History Makes Science Fiction, they went on to develop their unique fusion of '30s jazz, funk-soul, Merseybeat, and Balkan pop on their first full-length album, Acquired Taste, a year later and followed it up with 2005's New Day, 2007's There Is Nothing, and 2009's eponymous studio effort. After signing to French label AZ, they issued their first European release, As It Ever Was, in 2012. New album "Jungle Eyes" was released end 2017.

Artist Assistant

helps the Artist navigate the business side of art, according to Art Business. advising and helping artists about/on these matters is a primary function of the Artists' 'business management; this kind of advice helps the artist avoid having misunderstandings with potential clients and relations.

might involve 
reading a contract, explaining to an artist what constitutes "business as usual" in a transaction or the pre-production of a show.  music registration, billing, budgetting, agenda scheduling, bookkeeping, photographic documentation, recordkeeping, sales, providing a team, promotion and marketing, shipping, inventory, website development, grant writing, purchasing office and art supplies, as well as the design and production of items to be sold, maintenance of the e-shop, contact with press, artist team, etc.. in some, all or more of these realms, assistance may be needed.

whatever she's called, her job remains the same: to concern herself with the business of art so that the Artist can concentrate on making art.



  • ► Marie Daulne aka ZaP MaMa

    known to her fans as Zap Mama, Marie Daulne redefines the term “vocalist.” who alternates between storytelling and organic creative expression utilizing the tonality of the human voice, a sonic stylist. since first bursting on the scene almost 20 years ago, the Belgian-Congolese diva has wowed audiences around the world with her unique sound, which seamlessly blends African, American, and European cultural influences and effortlessly mixes genres such as R&B, hip-hop, and jazz with indigenous and tribal sounds. Zap Mama’s seven album-deep catalog represents her mastery of what African Griots recognize as the 7th sense: the ability to heal through music. in addition to her musical endeavors, Marie Daulne has worked with humanitarian aid organizations Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, CARE and the United Nations. Zap Mama finished recordings for her 8th album 'Eclectic FLaSH vol .1'

Concerts & Gigs

securing shows for bands from support slots to club nights, festival showcases to headline tours – our aim is to help develop the successful careers of contemporary acts at the level of live performance pre production, whilst offering a personal style of working throughout. 


(pending)  the MIC e-shop

new and 2nd hand items will change throughout the year. check in regularly for new offers. payments are made through paypal or cash on delivery or pick up. all items can be properly tested for purchase.

go shopping!





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 U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N





Get in touch

address: the MIC, Aalterstraat 20, 8755 Ruiselede

20' from Ghent, 20' from Bruges, 20' from Roeselare

cell: (+32) (0) 473 750 701

email: the-mic (at)

the MIC is a 'non profit organisation' and independent music ‘site’


don’t be a stranger, get in touch. we will be happy to hear from you, no matter the subject. if you should not reach us right away we’re probably busy, on the phone or catching up on something. please do leave a message somewhere so we are sure to get back to you at earliest moment possible, with the right info.

until then!


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